‘Stay positive’

I know it’s hard but just be as positive as you can

This has been my first answer in response to the question ‘What would your advice be to someone who has just been diagnosed or is going through treatment?’ for many months now.

I can’t help but face palm thinking about it and thinking about all the women and men who might roll their eyes as I do go on to talk about the power of positive thinking. I did a mini survey on a couple of Facebook pages I’m apart of and asked women what they appreciated people doing for them and which gifts did they appreciate etc. Among their answers there were also comments about hating being told to stay strong and be positive. And then it bloody hit me.

That’s so annoying.

I neglected to remember that not everybody’s circumstances can allow for an easier positive mindset. On top of the cancer some might have financial struggles; some might have struggling relationships; some might have kids. All different situations  

I have banged on about this and really advocated for it because I do strongly believe it. While I do believe that a positive mindset will manifest positive and wonderful things and outcomes, it will no longer be my first response to giving someone advice.

My advice would be to just take it one day at a time. No cancers are the same so don’t compare your situation to others. And remain grateful because while things may seem they aren’t going your way, there is a lot to be grateful for. From your beating heart, to the roof over your head and even to your sense of smell.

Whatever tough situation  you may be going through; I hope that you are coping as best that you can and are able to find light. It may be really bloody tough but it is possible to overcome anything. You can come out on top, always. Just one day at a time. I am sending you my warmest and brightest love & light.

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