I will add to this as I go. I will add on things that I found have helped me a lot or things that I have learnt. Note that not everything I write will work for EVERYBODY. But, it’s worth a try, that’s how you know. A lot of these things I read on other blogs and was told by others who have been in similar situations.


Mastectomy advice:

  • Loose clothing!! Sounds obvious hey? I actually didn’t have as much as I thought I did. This too mainly because I am now only rocking the 1 boob – it does look a bit odd with the tight shirt and one mountain (small mountain) poking out haha.
  • I found shirts that buttoned up at the front were a god sent! Especially for check up appointments.
  • Scarves and nice jackets!! They can certainly help cover up – especially if there is a shirt that you want to wear that isn’t necessarily the loosest! but hey, if you’re happy to openly rock the 1 boob or show that it’s completely flat – D O  I T!!!
  • Start using an oil as soon as your doctor gives you a heads up for the scar. Ask them for their recommendation. A friend who’s a naturopath recommended rosehip oil & manuka honey! I ended up getting a rosehip & jojoba oil. I feel like it’s working beautifully. I’ll post progress pics as soon as I get some.

Hot flushes: One of the side effects from chemo and radiation

  • Sleeping with a washer
  • Acupuncture! I found that the hot flushes during chemo had significantly lessened after my first acupuncture session

Radiation Burns: Thankfully I didn’t burn or heat up during the course of treatment. Instead, it started to get bad about a week post finishing.

  • Aside from what the Dr. recommended I use when the burning was at its worst I began using Bioloigis BF serum. It is actual magic! Huge improvement the day I started using it. You can find before and after pics on my radiation burn blog