MINI UPDATE – Radiation Burns

WARNING: You will see my chest and mastectomy scar below. You will see the effects radiation had on my skin which was basically third degree burns. It’s not the prettiest so please don’t scroll down and continue reading if those kind of things/images make you uneasy and uncomfortable! 

It’s been 6 months since I’ve posted on here… WOW

Where do I start? I guess I have been a little busy and life took over. Cancer life that is. Since my last post I endured 16 rounds (approximately 4-5 months) worth of chemo, lost all my hair, got sick from the chemo, had a 4 week break and in that time traveled to Bali with my besties, endured 25 rounds of radiation, turned 24, celebrated Christmas, brought in the new year and started working again. Oh and did I mention – I kicked cancers ass and am now in REMISSION

I will go more into depth in another blog about everything that has occurred since April 24th 2018 and will also be more hype and excited about my journey to remission (because I really am so fucking happy) but for now this is just a brief update on mainly my scar/skin (a lot of people seemed really interested in seeing it)

Below are a series of pictures of my chest before during and after radiation. It ended up getting really bad post radiation. It was just like an extremely bad sunburn on steroids. My skin remained hot for a week and a half after treatment ended, was blistering all over (as you can see.) While it was blistered and burning my Dr. and the nurses advised putting sudocrem on the affected area. This seemed to really dry it out and not give any relief at all. Once it was dried out enough they then suggested I use bepathem. I used this for 1 day (huge improvement) before switching to bioligis BF body serum. The founder Lucy reached out to me via instagram and suggested I used it to speed up the healing process.  I already had the serum for other purposes so thought I’d give it a try on the affected area. 1 week later and my skin was basically back to normal – minus the obvious color different. I was no longer in pain nor did I have any broken skin anywhere. I seriously swear by their products! Absolutely incredible.

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The burns brought so much discomfort and pain. Something I thought I had gotten away with as it was completely fine during treatment and didn’t begin until a couple of days after radiation had ended. Something that is common with a lot of patients – unfortunately, because its shit; but fortunately, because it didn’t occur during treatment which would have been even more shit. It was the most physical pain in the last 8 months that I had, had from treatment. So relieved it’s all over with now.

So excited to release my next blog. I’ll go more in depth then about my feelings and what I endured the past 8 months. Until then, LOVE & LIGHT!! Hope the pictures didn’t scar you too much xxxxx





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  1. Helen Leota says:

    Love your strength and mana cuz, but love you more🙏❤


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