Community & Individual Support!

I really wanted to do shout out a couple incredible people and organisations who have supported me greatly in the last couple of weeks. I have found the support and generosity of those in my community and complete strangers absolutely inspiring. Like I have said before I’m not really comfortable with receiving things from others, I’m much more of a giver. But it has really been overwhelming and so heart-warming being on the other end these last couple of weeks.

I just want to also give a quick shout out to my A-Team of besties and kick ass family who have gone above and beyond (as I expected.) From brining me food whenever they can, sending me daily messages of love and support, preparing frozen meals, supplements, beautiful deliveries of flowers, chocolates & waiting room goodies. And honestly, for just also remaining normal and continuing to give me that little bit of normality in this whole new world I have just been thrust into.


I am fortunate enough to have a boyfriend with an amazing profession. With his profession comes a little bit of spotlight in the media. Due to this, there have been in a few news articles and with this has come the opportunity to shine light on Breast Cancer and having a great platform to tell our little story of fighting this disease. From these articles, I have had so many beautiful messages or love, prayer and encouragement. From complete strangers! Do you know how much that bloody helps?! So, so much!

Eastern Cobras Rugby League Team

This is a local football club my family have been apart of for years! Jodie Elder, their president and really close family friend organised a Breast Cancer Awareness match with another local footy team, Goodna Eagles in honour of myself. Both teams wore pink socks in support of breast cancer, donation tins were floating around and they even had pink wrist bands available for a gold coin donation. The entire night was so special, I couldn’t thank Jodie and the Eastern Cobras committee enough!! My dad is also the A-Grade coach which made it that little bit sweeter. Also, this coming 2/06/2018 they will be hosting another Breast Cancer Awareness game in honour of both myself and Jodies Mum, who has also been diagnosed with breast cancer. It will be an all day event and all proceeds being donated to the McGrath foundation.

Goodman Eagles Rugby League Team

Although they did beat my Dads team by 2 points….. (a little filthy haha, kidding!) these guys did the complete unexpected and presented me with a bank cheque after the game in their shed to help support. Absolutely unexpected but so incredibly giving. Huge shout out to Ramon, Coach Laurie & the boys! So sweet of them to reach out to a stranger (mostly) and someone on the opposing team.

Shells Team Cupcake

I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with the incredible women from the Team Cupcake Inc. They are a not for profit charity who raise money for local Ipswich Men & Women who are battling Cancer. My wonderful breast care nurse, Karen put us in touch as she had learnt of some out of pocket costs required for me to go through with the IVF process. This has been the only out of pocket cost I have had so far. The team from team cupcake hosted a movie night at Event Cinemas in Ipswich to watch the movie Life of the Party. There was lucky door prizes, raffle tickets/prizes & all ticket proceeds were donated to me. Amazing – right?! These wonderful women are all volunteers and are constantly out of the greatness of their own hearts organising these events to  support others. Please follow them on Facebook as they are always hosting different kinds of events to support those battling cancer. Facebook – Shells Team Cupcake


Body Smart Health

I have had the absolute pleasure of being invited to Body Smart – they are a rehabilitation clinic proudly committed to providing the best exercise and rehabilitation services based in Paddington. The incredible Anne is on a mission to make Exercise paramount in the recovery for all Cancer Patients. Both Anne and her boss Majela reached out to me via instagram and my blog after a mutual friend recommended my name to them. There is so much research behind the benefits of exercising during recovery. I am so excited to be able to reap those benefits of the exercise oncology sessions and work with somebody as passionate as Anne – I knew this from the moment I met her! Not only am I happy to exercise to improve and fasten the recovery from Cancer but also to adhere to my pre cancer gym goals I never got around to haha. Please do give them a follow on instagram as they really have some huge and exciting things going on at their clinic. Instagram: @body_smart & Annes acc: @brisbanercise.oncology

Beauty Services

My wonderful go to hairdresser Amber from Ambience Hair Boutique has reached out by saying she is happy  to do whatever I want to my hair whenever I want. She’ll help me out with wigs when that time comes also!! I have been going to Amber since I was 17 so for her to offer me that warms my heart so much! Two beautiful girls have also reached out saying they would be happy to provide free makeovers and pampers for them days I am feeling a little down and just want to feel that little bit better. Those two beautiful girls are Tiah from Bonafide Beauty & Nakita from Make Up By Nakita. Such amazing women, I am so lucky to have crossed paths with them all!!! How bloody nice is it of these women to offer that to me?! They are absolute pros at what they do and to offer that to someone going through something a little tough is so inspiring.

Amber – AmbienceHairBoutique Tiah – bonafidebeautyxo Nakita – Makeupbynakita


In a world where people can be so cruel, I have received the complete opposite. Please guys, support your local charities, support your local businesses, the not for profit organisations and also someone you know or might know who is going through something tough. Whether it’s donating money where you can, attending the events held or even just sending a message of support – believe me, those messages mean just as much as anything else does. This whole ordeal has made me realise – I could be doing SO MUCH MORE! And I will 100% be doing so much more once this is all over. I will support my locals, reach out to people, send them a message of hope – because I now know that those things make a world of difference.

If you know of any other charities or local foundations who do great things – supporting not only cancer but ANYTHING else please do let me know. I would love to promote them and also get in touch myself to see how and where I can help.


Happy Tuesday beautiful people!

Love & light

Sofi xxxxxxx


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