2 weeks yesterday since my op and 3 weeks today since being diagnosed. WOW, That has gone so fast! I have been a little MIA from blogging this last week as I honestly haven’t had much going on. It’s been a blasé kinda week. I have been doing lots of sleeping, resting and researching!! I have been catching up with friends and family. A few appointments here and there – mainly for the IVF but I have also attended to a couple of community fundraisers and met some great people. I will touch on that more on my next blog later this week. This blogs just a quick update. Scar update! And what is coming in the next week for me.

Today I head to the hospital to meet with my surgeon and possibly the oncologists. We will go through the findings from my pathology results. We will discuss my treatment plan going forward. FINALLY! It’s been a long 2 weeks not knowing what is going on. I hate not knowing what my following week/months will look like and not being able to make plans. So at least tomorrow I’ll know for sure how long chemo will go for and when etc. Then I can begin to make plans for the remainder of the year. I am a little bit nervous.. I’ve got so many questions to ask as well. I don’t know a whole about chemo so I guess it’s just fear of the unknown. How is my body going to respond? Will I still be able to do normal/everyday things after the usual 1/2 day recovery from chemo? Can I go out with my girlfriends? We will see…. I have tried not to think about it too much as I didn’t want to get all hyped up.

Later on today I have to have one last blood test before my egg retrieval tomorrow. I will be admitted tomorrow at 1:30PM for the egg pick up!! YAY. My last scan on Monday only showed 7 big enough eggs so hopefully by tomorrow a couple more have grown! No more jabbing myself in the tummy with needles. Since my fertility preservation blog my Dr. had upped my dosage – I was injecting morning and night. It ended up being OK and easy for me to do. Although the last couple of injections were actually almost hard to press into my tummy, so I’m glad that’s over. I started to cry in the car last night also because;

  1. 1. I hate driving around in the city
  2. 2. Joe was stressing me the fck out and being so god damn annoying
  3. 3. HORMONES! They really started to kick in and mess with my emotions haha

I had one last needle at 3:30AM this morning which is a ‘Trigger Injection’ this is required to be taken 36hours before operation. It basically freezes my eggs in my ovaries and will ensure that they don’t naturally ovulate before Wednesday.


Below is my scar. I have included pics of it the day the bandage was removed and then a few days after it was removed. It is healing really nicely. I am bruising under my arm as well as where the bellovac was inserted. I was a little concerned with the end of the scar in the middle of my chest as it looked scabbed and kind of filled with pus – but it has gone down. It is still numb across my chest! And I’m still getting random sharp pains throughout which I believe is just nerve pain. I still don’t have full mobility of my right arm but its getting better. I will begin exercising in the next week and seeing a physio which will help so much.

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I’m yet to go shopping. I do need some new clothes! I’m still unable to wear the pocketed/mastectomy bra so until then shirts do sometimes look a little lopsided. I have been wearing loose kind of tops and jackets & scarves to cover. Just means I can’t wear full on cleavage/hoochie mama tops for a while… no big deal haha.

I wish I had something more exiting/intriguing to write about but I really don’t. Like I said, a bit of a blasé week. I do just want to note also that someone actually asked me yesterday “What does it feel like to have Cancer?” I just responded that it honestly doesn’t feel like I have cancer. I feel healthy. I’m not coughing, sneezing or bed bound. I feel fine. Can’t wait for todays consult. Praying for the absolute best case scenario! It is going to be FINE!

I hope everybody has a great week!!



Love & Light

Sofi xxxxxxx

3 Comments Add yours

  1. dawn says:

    thinking of you today and sending you all my love and strength. you got this girl…


  2. Jenny says:

    Your amazing Sofi. You take my breath away with your strength through all of this. I will be honest and say, I don’t think I could be as strong as you. Sending you all our love 💕 today and always 💕 you got this xxx


  3. Kathy Brown says:

    Joe always annoying 😂 I also hate driving in the city 👍🏻


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