Fertility Preservation!

Hello, hello all!!

So as I have mentioned my IVF journey commenced 04/05/2018. I have been with my boyfriend for 7 years this year and I’d be lying if I said we haven’t spoken about having kids. In saying this, I’m not ready for at least another one year or two! or three…. haha.

Not only has the word Cancer come as a shock to me but also the process that follows the official diagnosis has. I have now had a mastectomy, it is now time to prevent any potential harm to my future Quarter Samoan, Quarter Australian & Half Tongan babies!!

The reason I will have to do IVF is because I will eventually have to receive chemotherapy treatment – chemotherapy can cause infertility. I have legitimately just copied and pasted the below in italic as it’s so much easier to explain rather than my mambo jumbo words lmfao. (I did edit and cut so it wasn’t as long winded.)

In women, infertility following cancer treatment may arise for a number of reasons, including:

  • The ovaries being unable to produce mature eggs (ovarian failure)
  • Hormonal signaling between the brain and the ovaries being disrupted
  • Damage to the uterus or fallopian tubes from either surgery, or chemotherapy/radiotherapy

Below are the 2 x options I have chosen to do

Embryo freezing (Recommended for this with partners)

IVF treatment involves ovarian stimulation with hormone injections, prior to the eggs being retrieved in a short surgical procedure, then fertilised with sperm in a laboratory and the resulting embryos frozen and stored. 

Egg freezing (Recommended for singles)

Single women who undergo egg freezing have a stimulated IVF cycle, with egg collection, followed by the freezing of unfertilised eggs. These frozen eggs can be stored for many years. Post cancer treatment, when a woman is ready to use her eggs, they are warmed (thawed) and then fertilised with sperm. Once an embryo has developed, it is thentransferred into the women’s uterus hopefully resulting in a successful pregnancy.

I will be freezing my eggs as well as creating and freezing embryos. Because the success rate is much higher for embryos I thought it would be great for us. I wanted to make sure Joe was all in and felt completely comfortable, and he does. The reason I have decided to do 50/50 is because well…. Joe and I aren’t married. We aren’t actively trying for babies and as horrible as this may sound.. one day we could break up. (100% not planning on it!!!) But this is a big deal and I just don’t want to put that kind of pressure on the both of us at any point in our relationship. I think doing half/half is perfect and in all honesty I have a strong feeling I will have no problem at all conceiving naturally post all cancer treatment.

The IVF will be an approximately 10-14 day cycle. I picked up my medication and the injections aren’t as bad as I thought! My doctor has put together a cycle plan also and it’s mainly dependent on how my eggs develop over the next 7-14 days. It could differ at any time.

I received a ‘longevity’ injection this past Friday (4.5.18) that will last me till this coming Friday. It was a bit of a stinger. This Tuesday I will begin my nightly injections for approx 7 days. My first follow up appointment will be on Friday (11.5.18) & then again the following Monday (14.5.18) – this is to see how my eggs are travelling along. “Egg pickup” will most likely occur the week of Monday (14.5.18) I won’t know more and exact details until my first initial appointment. My main concern at the moment is growing the guts to stick a needle in my tummy!!! Below is the needle I’ll have to inject myself with!

The thought of possibly not being able to have a baby is a scary one so I deeply feel for those who struggle to conceive naturally. I really hope I don’t step on any toes by saying that not only would it be an emotional struggle but financially also it would be so difficult. I have had brief conversations with the clinic about costings and it honestly blows my mind that it costs soooo much! It is obviously incredible what they can do but… yeah no words. It just blows my mind. So much respect and love to those who are trying to do all they can to have their own family! I am so lucky that I even have IVF as an option as some people don’t have time on their hands to be able to do it. I appreciate the opportunity so much.


Not a huge blog today.. The IVF process seems a lot less intense than my mastectomy journey which is refreshing. I have heard that the ‘egg pick up’ is a little full on but I will touch base more post appointment next Friday – when I know more. I have just over a week to mentally prepare myself for what is yet to come in regards to the chemotherapy treatment. I honestly feel myself starting to worry and panic a little, I even had a mini break down earlier this week. I know I can get through it…. but more on that later on.

Have a fantastic long weekend, lovelies!

Love & light,

Sofi xxxxxxx


P.S If anyone was interested in knowing more about fertility treatments around Cancer you can click on the below link xxx

Click to access patient-dl-cancer-8may15.pdf


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Binary says:

    I am so grateful in you sharing your story. It is providing knowledge, teaching awareness on breast cancer. We wish you great courage, Hope n Faith all the way. You are young n beautiful n strongwill! Behind you all the way Sofie.


    1. Aw thank you so much for the beautiful message. Much appreciated xxxx


  2. Vovarea says:

    Hi ! Just wanted to share a little love and praise to you and the tenacity, courage and determination you have shown from reading your blog. I have no social media however I came across your story after seeing Joe mention it after his win (my hubby is a huge broncos fan and may I add a Tongan too :>! ) praying for you during the next step with the IVF!


    1. Awwww Hi Vovarea!
      Thank you so much! Thank you for taking the time out to message me, I appreciate it so much. Ahhh nice!! haha. Thank you lovely, bless you! Enjoy the rest of your week xxxxx


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