Why a blog?!

Hi!! Welcome to my blog…

Before I get started, please bare with me as;

1. I have never written a blog before & I am in no means a self-proclaimed writer

2. I may just ramble as I am speaking about whatever comes to my mind at the time

3. This is all really so fresh and new to me (Blogging & Breast Cancer?!)

As you may know yesterday Tuesday 24/04/2018 I was diagnosed with Grade 3 Invasive Breast Carcinoma of No Special Type. I am booked in for a mastectomy on my right breast this coming Monday 30/04/2018, fertility treatments the following to freeze my eggs (so I can one day have my dream babies) & then chemo in the following weeks. It’s all happening!! But I will explain more in my next blog post the lead up to yesterdays diagnosis and what the coming weeks look like for me.

I am still learning what in the world I am dealing with, the ins and outs, how it came to be, how to deal, how to carry on living normally… So I will take you on my journey with me, I will vlog, blog & post pics; tell you my feelings, tell you my thoughts, my findings and just, well basically allow you to ride through all the highs and lows with me if you insist.

There is no known breast cancer history in either sides of my family (this can be a little confusing, but I will eventually get onto that) …. I am 23….. I mean what the fuck? How in the world do I HAVE CANCER?!




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