23 & Diagnosed


So below I’m going to outline the events leading up to my final diagnosis of Grade 3 Invasive Breast Carcinoma. This will be great for me to come back and read in a few months/years down the track once I have kicked cancer in the ass!! Please know that I had not written any notes down throughout the entire process so I may not get some medical terms exactly correct. I am in the process of getting all reports from the Dr.

Basically, it was a approximately a month ago I was laying about at home watching Jane The Virgin (How good, right?!) I had somehow felt and noticed a lump on my right breast in the 7 o’clock position. As I had never felt this before I had asked my bf if he had noticed it – he insisted he hadn’t! I immediately had decided I was going to go to my GP the next day and have it assessed. And so I did, the very next day.

My doctor didn’t assess or examine it by hand he simply asked questions & then referred me on to a radiologist across the road to have an ultrasound. I had an ultrasound roughly 3 days later and the outcome from the radiologist was that she could tell that they weren’t cysts (which are normally easy to see) and then she was going to report back to my GP that an FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) was required. At this stage she also noted that nothing had occurred in my lymph nodes. I saw my GP a good 3 days later and he had then AGAIN referred me back to radiology for the FNA – there was a 2-3 week waiting list for the FNA. Fast forward those couple of weeks, I had an FNA performed on the lump and awaited results…. I had the FNA Thursday and heard from my doctor the following Tuesday – results had come back that the results from the FNA was consistent with Breast Carcinoma.

Immediately, my doctor had referred me to the hospital – It was initially a 2 week wait for the appointment. BUT the breast care nurse had gotten a hold of my file, noticed my age and straight away brought my appointment up to 17/04/2018 (I can now recall dates) That appointment was a real wake up call.. the doctor went through all worst case scenarios and had already set up a bunch of appointments for the week to come. The next day I was organised to undergo a further ultrasound, FNA on the breast & lymph nodes, MRI & mammogram (fucking ouch!!!!!) From there….. it was the daunting 1 week waiting game for yesterdays well dreaded results. In that week there was lots and lots of tears, lots of imagining the worst in my head.

Although after my appointment with the hospital 17/04/2018 was quite information and in your face I was still in denial that it was even slightly possible for me to have breast cancer, let alone cancer!! The words “you have cancer” was never said so in my head there was a good 90% chance that NO WAY do I have cancer, that is just ridiculous…. but I mean hey.. I had attended my most recent appointment (24/04/18) with my Mum, Dad & Joe (bf). The doctor had delivered the news that it was 100% confirmed that I had breast cancer. (Fuck, there it is. “You have Breast Cancer.”)

My Dr. had noted that since my first initial ultrasound almost a month prior that lump had gotten larger in size. The tests had also located 2 other spots in my right breast but they could not confirm that it is cancerous. My left breast is completely clear of anything and although one of the lymph nodes in my right arm seemed inflamed they could not find anything cancerous there also. Because of all these factors they gave me a few different treatment courses to take.

Without babbling on too much a few of the options were to run more tests on the unknown masses in my rights breast – this could take another 1-2weeks.. from that I could just have a lumpectomy – a procedure where they just remove the lump. Although ideal the chemo treatment would be much heavier & the risk of it coming back in a few more years much more higher. I have/had decided to undergo a mastectomy on my right breast which will occur Monday 30/04/2018. A decision I have not been able to make easily or lightly. It has been a lot of 2nd guessing and going back and forth. I mean I’m 23 — It’s not like I have the worlds greatest tatas but….. They’re bloody good enough to want to keep around. Have you seen post mastectomy pics? Fucking scary!! I think this alone has scared me more than the thought of having cancer. In saying this I would much rather lose a breast that can easily be replaced than to lose my life!! I do not want to take the risk of delaying treatment I want IT OUT of me!

So what now you ask?!! 6 DAYS between being diagnosed and undergoing one of the biggest things of yours life?! What does one do?!

Since receiving the news I have undergone a bone scan & CT scan and am still yet to have an eco heart ultrasound. I am booked in to see a fertility clinic Friday 27/4/18. As I may most likely get chemotherapy; receiving chemotherapy means running the risk of becoming infertile and this chick right here wants babies as I’m 10000% sure my boyfriend does too; a football team of kids to be exact haha. I have taken a few photos of my goodies as a keep sake because I mean… why not haha. I have stopped crying so often and I have decided that I’m fucking going to live. Others aren’t so fortunate!! I have had my family and friends rally around me like the champions they fucking are.

I have started this blog which I am so extremely loving and excited about!

AND lastly I have started planning a BOOB-VOYAGE SOIREE party to celebrate these great perky babes I have. I cannot wait to share pics and write about it for you guys! Everyone who knows me knows I love a good partay so you better believe for something like this I am going to go all out!! STAY TUNED FOR MY NEXT BLOG!!


Sofi xxxxx



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    Stay string chickie, you e got this!!!


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